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This One’s Story

The story of the birth of the Roediger Theatre deserves to begin with one more repetition of that tired question: “What did we do before the internet?” After Shane and I cooked up our initial notions for a simple outdoor theatre set-up, it was off to the Web for me to do some searchin’ and researchin’. What I came up with got me pretty excited about how the outdoor set-up might actually come to be, and within hours (literally) I’d put in orders for the equipment and materials that would be necessary to create Starry Night Cinema.

Most helpful in wrapping my mind around the challenge of doing this the right way was the online pages from Digital Dummies called “Home Theatre for Dummies.” That’s also what led me to CreativeShelters.com, from whom I obtained the couplings/fittings, the tarp (for the screen), and the elastic ties. When they shipped the couplings, it included a diagram showing how to assemble the frame for the screen. All I had to add was the 1-inch aluminum conduit pipe from Lowe’s, which I had cut at the time of purchase according to the specs sent from Creative Shelters.

It took Shane, Beau, and me about two hours to do the initial assembly, from complete scratch. When I still had an outside entrance to my cellar, we’d disassemble it into sections and store it below the house, and it usually took about 30 minutes to set-up and take down. Now, I just leave the frame up all the time, and we put up and take down the tarp/screen. (A couple of times, I have left it up and gone out of town, and thunderstorms came along and I ended up having to replace the rear support poles because they’d bent pretty badly.)  Now, it takes around 10 minutes at most to put the tarp/screen up each time.

The rest of the set-up involves a small cart on which to put the projector and the laptop; the speakers; an extension cord; lots of citronella candles; a trashcan and a recycling bin; and lawn chairs.




Cookie baker, publicity maker,
tech support


Happy greeter, head of laundry, misses BBall goal


The extra pair of hands that’s always needed


Shown So Far...

  1. 1.Daffy Slept Here

  2. 2.Foghorn Leghorn

  3. 3.What’s Opera, Doc?

  4. 4.Duck Amuck

  5. 5.Broken Leghorn

  6. 6.Stop Look Hasten

  7. 7.Barber of Seville

  8. 8.Baby Bottleneck

  9. 9.Scent-imental

  10. 10.Don’t Give Up the Sheep

  11. 11.Daffy Duck Hunt

Spoof Trailers

Always Good for a Laugh!

  1. 10 Things I Hate About Commandments

  2. The Shining

  3. The Fast and the Curious

  4. Satan’s Alley

2013 Season

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Outdoor Home Theatre


by Ray J