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So what is the Roediger Theatre?  In 2007, following a free-flowing hour-long conversation between Ray Jones and Shane Ward, where ideas seemed to encounter few barriers or limitations, the concept of movies for friends of the Roediger House took initial shape. Our first thought was we’d be throwing a sheet on the side of the house and inviting friends over to sit and take a gander at some movies. After all, there’s a great parking area for the house and it seemed to beg for this kind of use.

But with a little research, and a bit of capital outlay, a much grander set-up was designed. And since that first summer, the Roediger Theatre has endeavored to bring big-screen movie experiences to a very special audience: friends.

The Roediger House, built in 1905, is a private residence located in the heart of the Holly Avenue Neighborhood in downtown Winston-Salem, NC. Roediger Theatre is creative-speak for “outdoor movie nights for friends.”

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